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In the Falésia Hotel we strongly believe that success of the company - apart from very high satisfaction of its customers with the services provided – is also measured by the satisfaction of its employees and their wellbeing, integrated by the social welfare and the healthy environment.

Falésia Hotel is dedicated to sustainable tourism and is taking full responsibility to minimize all current and future environmental, social and economic impacts.

With the help of our suppliers and business partners, we will strive to improve, implement and support the following aspects of the sustainable tourism.


Daily operation of the Falésia Hotel is managed so that it is has got a minimum impact on the environment. This includes reducing the energy and water we use, as well as the solid and liquid waste we produce. We also manage and limit any harmful impact on the natural environment and its wildlife.

We are monitoring and recording energy, water and waste consumption daily, weekly, monthly… in order to compare consumption YOY and see reduction and savings in consumption and implement any necessary procedures for improvements if necessary.


  • TARGET for 2016: (22,70Kw) - ACHIEVED: 21,81 kW p/guest
  • TARGET for 2017: 2% reduction (21,37Kw) - ACHIEVED: 6% reduction (20,52Kw)
  • TARGET for 2018: 3% reduction (19,90Kw)

There was a decrease in consumption due to the variation of the season length as well as increased guest numbers in 2017 – and due to the use of biomass boiler.

The Falésia Hotel is aware of the importance and need to improve, change and implement energy efficiency by encouraging a change of habits of employees and guests and raising awareness of the energy efficiency in order to achieve reduced set targets for the coming years.

In the Falésia Hotel energy efficiency describes the practice of using as little energy as possible without disrupting comfort levels or quality and ensuring that service levels are maintained.

Different actions have been taken through the years.

  1. Falésia Hotel has got key card systems for guest bedrooms that switch off the energy supply when guests are not present in their rooms.
  2. In guests bedrooms the motion-censored units are installed that automatically switch off A/C or heating when windows and doors are open
  3. All light bulbs – LED bulbs – are installed all through the hotel.
  4. The internal and external lightning system is automated and regulated from the availability of natural light.
  5. Schedule a maintenance check to ensure all equipment operates efficiently.
  6. The criteria of selecting and buying the new equipment is the efficiency and energy rating / including the purchase of household appliances of class A only
  7. NEW SYSTEMS – Introducing the system where produced refrigerating heath, is used to heat the water of the indoor pool.
  8. Installed a Biomass Boiler, which reduced the fossil energy spent
  9. Re-usage of the heat of the fridges to heat the water in the pools
  10. Introduction of two more capacitor banks to gain some reactive energy


  • TARGET for 2016: 187 Lts - ACHIEVED: 168 l/guest
  • TARGET for 2017: 7% reduction (156 Lts) - ACHIEVED: 12% reduction (149 l/guest)
  • TARGET for 2018: 3% reduction (1244 Lts)

Again, there was a decrease in consumption due to the variation of the season length as well as increased guest numbers in 2017. Also, the Re-use of the condensation from the AVAC to fill the cisterns that supply the toilet was a major investment.

In the Falésia Hotel we are aware of the importance of “water for life” motto and that water is a very limited and indispensable commodity. Hence it is important to establish our base line of the consumption by areas of usage and keep monitoring and recording the consumption of it with the intention of reducing the usage of the water as well as the waste water disposal.  Here are the examples:

  1. Display information cards in guest rooms to encourage the reuse of towels and linen. Change is done as per set standards or upon the request of the customer.
  2. Train staff regularly how to maintain pipes and mend leaky taps and advise guests how they can play a part in water efficiency
  3. Efficient irrigation – to apply time management in irrigation systems.
  4. Install water- saving devices including flow restrictors.
  5. A new chiller was installed with a stove to preheat the AQS
  6. Re-use of the condensation from the AVAC to fill the cisterns that supply the toilet


  • TARGET for 2016 - 1,19 - ACHIEVED: 1,21 kg p/guest
  • TARGET for 2017: 2% reduction (1,19 Kgs per guest) - ACHIEVED: 7% Increase (1,29 Kgs p/guest)
  • TARGET for 2018: 2% reduction (1,27 Kgs p/guest)

Increase due to the fact that all staff and the guests were much more aware of the recycling and the consumption of wine increased considerably (glass bottles).

Falésia Hotel is monitoring the process of producing the waste materials, how much is produced, how it´s collected and how it’s disposed by the government authorized companies.

We are aiming to reduce and minimize the waste that we produce and making sure different types of waste  - paper, glass, plastic, metal, foods… are collected separately and the baseline of produced waste is registered and monitored in order to compare progress against our objectives and targets and implementing any changes needed in order to achieve these. With this we can assess where waste can be reduced, reused or recycled and ensuring that it is transported in compliance with national and international legislation. Therefore these actions are in place: 

  1. We are purchasing products in bulk and encourage the suppliers to minimize and reduce packaging and use packaging that can be recycled.
  2. Only print when necessary and on both sides of the paper.
  3. Make sure that perishable food is not over-ordered.
  4. Maintain and repair appliances so they last longer and function efficiently.
  5. Repair broken fixtures, fittings and furniture
  6. Buy products with recycled content like recycled paper or toilet roll.
  7. Reuse items, for example, old towels and sheets to clean with
  8. Donate old but still reusable items like old clothes/uniforms or furniture to a local charity or community group.
  9. We are working with fully licensed waste contractors who’ll collect and recycle materials such as glass, plastics, cardboard etc


We are well aware that both – we and the community where we are operating – are only doing the first steps in the implementation of all above changes and which will be the key in achieving our goals in protecting our environment. We fully believe that through our efforts and our willingness to cooperate with the development, we will benefit from our future healthy environment.

Any suggestions of how to improve the environment - by the staff or the guests - is very welcome.


Falésia Hotel is closely connected to the local community. We preserve, respect and support the local culture (local folklore group and youth brass band are performing in the hotel as part of evening entertainment) and encouraging our guests to visit the places of interest, cultural events and heritage of the province. We are committed to our staff and their loyalty as they are the main contributor to our quality and great service provided to our guests. We make sure that all legal aspects of employment are fulfilled fully and as per local employment legislation. We are continuously training our staff at their workplace in order to progress within the company and keeping their moral high. 

We fully support the principles that all humans –irrespective of religion, gender, nationality, skin color, sexuality, age, culture or disability –have the universal right to be treated with dignity, equality and respect.

We are assuring that:

  • Employment:
  1. All our staff have formal written contract of employment
  2. All our staff is paid a fair living wage and above the minimum requirements.
  3. They are all working the hours that comply with national and international law.
  4. They are all employed by their own free will and are free to leave without penalty
  5. All our employees have got medical checks at least once a year and they are all covered by the insurance that covers all accidents at work.
  • Local community:

We are engaged in the activities of the local community by promoting local culture and heritage, from local folklore group and brass band participating in our evening entertainment - to sitting on board of the local hotelier association where all the issues concerning the area are discussed.

Last winter, during the refurbishment of the hotel – some of the furniture and other materials -  were donated to local associations and charities which was very much appreciated.

  • Child Protection:

Falésia Hotel fully supports and is committed to the protection of all children where the child´s welfare can never be at risk and in particularly in relation to child sex industry.  Policy details  available on request.


We encourage our guests to visit local attractions, such as restaurants offering regional cuisine, organizing Portuguese evening in the hotel together with the local folklore, visiting sites of historic interest and local markets that sell traditional products (Albufeira and Loulé). By doing this, we are helping to make sure that the money they spend stays in the local economy.

We are buying majority of products and services from local businesses. When not available we extend our purchasing to the national level and only when necessary we go outside of the national borders.

PURCHASING POLICY: Our approach to the market is:

1/ Buy responsibly through the selection process of suppliers based on common objectives to more sustainable solutions (reduce packaging, transport distances, looking for healthy produce)

2/ Support regional suppliers and respect the environment . As such we contribute to social–economic growth of the region and avoid lengthy transport of goods.

3/Promote healthy eating by offering to our guests and staff the best produce available and through a rigorous process of food safety and hygiene quality control.


We are determined to always satisfy guests and are happy to help at any time of the day with our genuine SMILES!

We are always in close contact with our guests, talking to them and asking for their opinions of our services, including the Welcome Letter from the General Manager at the beginning of their stay where they are invited to let us know immediately if not meeting any of their expectations. We are sure we can resolve them. It all helps us to be up to date with current demands and making it easier to meet our guest´s expectations.

Our success is being measured with in-house questionnaires at the end of their stay as well as the results of the market research from our main Tour Operator which represents nearly all of our business. Rewards are being received as recognition of our excellent work.

We are proud of our team work and we are always aiming to improve the efficiency of our management process which is going to bring higher motivation levels / staff moral and bigger smile on their as well as guest´s faces.

Our product and service levels are guaranteed and always comply with the legal requirements of the country.


Falésia Hotel is fully committed to the safety of its guests as well as the staff. It is well understood that fire safety, the general safety as well as food safety, is a must to keep the environment of the guests in staff in full compliance with local, national and international rules and regulations.

In order to be fully compliant with fire and general safety we work closely with International Health and Safety organization Argent, which is based in the UK and provided by TUI UK. Inspections are done regularly and we are happy to say that we are fully compliant. We are working also with the local Fire Department.

We also work closely with LusoCristal which controls food safety and where regular checks are done in bi-monthly bases. We are proud to say that we are one of the first hotels in the Algarve that received HACCP Gold Award. And we are still improving our standards and training and developing the staff with it.

We are continuously testing the water all around the hotel – including both swimming pools. We are also working with the outsourced company “Aquatest” (water laboratory) that does the testing of all the waters on monthly bases.

We strongly believe that our staff should be safe and healthy and for that reason we have got yearly medical checks organized for all our employees.


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